Banknote counter Century Pro Plus 3D

High top quality banknote counter by friction system, available for Euro.

In contrast to the Century Pro and Century Pro MC, which both detect false banknotes on the basis of MT (magnetic ink) and MT (metal threat) systems, the Century Pro Plus 3D additionally provides IR (infra red) detection. Therefore, it reaches the ECB certified level of detection of counterfeit banknotes.
Moreover, it is equipped with 3D size detection which distiguishes it from the Century Pro Plus.

Century Pro Plus 3D certified by the ECB (European Central Bank), 100% counterfeit detection and 100% genuine detection.


  • Available for €
  • Adaptable to all currencies
  • Counterfeit detections: 3D + DEN + UV + MG + MT + IR
  • Hopper capacity: 400 notes
  • Stacker capacity: 200 notes
  • Counting speed: 1600 / 1000 / 600 notes/min
  • Display: Blue LCD Graphic
  • Feed system: 4/12 Rollers Friction System
  • Batching: Variable
  • ADD Function
  • Interface: RS-232, to PC, printer and external display
  • Width Detection: 3/4/5/6 mm