Coin counter & sorter Moon / SCA

The ultimate in high speed coin counter and coin sorter, up to 2.000 coins per minute, the highest performance for the processing of great amounts of mixed coins.

  • High performance and robust model. System of subjection and conduction of the coins during all their way to guarantee its perfect circulation.
  • Counting and sorting 8 types of coins, rejecting all the foreign, damage or counterfeit coins.


  • Speed : 1.500 coins/minute
  • Counts & sorts max. 8 different coins
  • Hopper capacity : 2.500 coins
  • 3 independent sensors, diamenter (CCD), alloy and thickness (optional)
  • Exiting to bags (high capacity drawers exiting system is an option)
  • Free program of stops for each denomination
  • Up to 5 users are allowed, each one with different accumulative level at a time
  • Led indicator when is reached the coin stop level programmed
  • Easy acces to the inner part for an easy maintenance and cleaning
  • PC and Printer connection
  • Memory of the accumulated total and registry of partisans
  • Strong and resistant construction
  • Display 4x40 lines
  • An opened or closed table is available optionally