Banknote counterfeit detector DBF 2200

DBF 2200, is a desktop counterfeit detector

The DBF 2200 is able to check with maximum guarantee all euro banknote, reading magnetic and infrared ink, color, image, metal thread and size of every Euro banknote.
It has a drag motor with two possible bank note exit direction from the front or rear.
It can be connected to extrernal printer and a USB connection allows to update the software.

It is possible to open the top part of the detector (the White part) which makes really easy the maintenance and cleanning process. It is recomended for dusty enviroments.


  • Currency: 8 Euro banknote type
  • Detection: magnetic, IR, metal thread, size
  • Value counting and add function
  • Automatic banknote verification and easy feed in 4 positions.
  • Front or rear banknote exit's
  • High speed & easy to use detector, less than a second
  • Removable top part for a easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Rechargable battery optional